Untitled [Working Women]

Inspired by the iconic portraits of Cindy Sherman, I created portraits of nameless women who all share the same (hyper)reality.

Poor Uma!

A digital photo inspired by Hito Steyerl’s article "In Defense of the Poor Image."

Appropriation Project: What Should I Do With My Life?

A video I created for my VISA 110 course at the University of British Columbia. We were given the task of creating a video comprised entirely of content that was not our own- that we took from other videos and other sources. The white hair is actually me- the film looking shots at the end are from a highschool friend of mine who made a video of our time on a group trip to Europe.

Smear [from Ultraviolet]

The second section of my book "Ultraviolet," which you can find listed under my Featured Activities.

Poem from “5”

Two love poems I wrote in June of 2017 that were part of a book of writing and photos that I created and gave as a gift.