Untitled [Working Women]

Inspired by the iconic portraits of Cindy Sherman, I created portraits of nameless women who all share the same (hyper)reality.

Smear [from Ultraviolet]

The second section of my book "Ultraviolet," which you can find listed under my Featured Activities.

Poem from “5”

Two love poems I wrote in June of 2017 that were part of a book of writing and photos that I created and gave as a gift.

untitled [blurred vans]

Photographs in which I experiment with light and shutter speed by photographing a pair of special edition Vans that were covered in glitter.


A book I wrote, designed, and photographed for my senior year of high school. It explores many of the concepts I am still interested in: Female psyche, 'negative emotions,' chronic mental illness, etc.

Every Red Thing I Own

A collection of photos documenting every red thing I own for the purpose of observing, categorizing, and exploring the meaning of the color red.