Capitalist Realism and the Anthropocene

(CRAP) Capitalist Realism and the Anthropocene : Myths of Neoliberalism in the Current Climate Catastrophe

Untitled [Working Women]

Inspired by the iconic portraits of Cindy Sherman, I created portraits of nameless women who all share the same (hyper)reality.

Poor Uma!

A digital photo inspired by Hito Steyerl’s article "In Defense of the Poor Image."

Sun and Shadow

A short film I made for my senior year AP art class.

Appropriation Project: What Should I Do With My Life?

A video I created for my VISA 110 course at the University of British Columbia. We were given the task of creating a video comprised entirely of content that was not our own- that we took from other videos and other sources. The white hair is actually me- the film looking shots at the end are from a highschool friend of mine who made a video of our time on a group trip to Europe.

SASC Blog Piece: Have Anti-Capitalist Little Christmas

I wrote an article titled 'Have yourself... an Anti-Capitalist Little Christmas...' for UBC's Sexual Assault Support Centre blog. December 7th, 2018

SASC Blog Piece: Emotional Abuse and (Netflix’s) You

I wrote an article titled 'Emotional Abuse and (Netflix’s) You: Overlooking Emotional Abuse in the Name of Love' for UBC's Sexual Assault Support Centre blog. February 7th, 2019

Undergraduate Art Exhibit Features

A woodblock print and photograph of mine were included the 2018 Undergraduate Art Exhibit at UBC. Works made for VISA250 and VISA241

Studies for Shadow Selves

A series of pseudo-self portraits for Visual Arts 241: Digital Photography.

Baby's Breath

A short silent film created for Film Production 133

Untitled [Farm in Cannon Falls, MN]

Photographs I took at a farm in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.

Sundays are for Mourning

A project from CRWR 213, Writing for New Media, in which we were given the task to tell a story through a Tumblr page by including writing of our own and reblogging other media (audio, visual, etc.) to build the story further. We were given a list of phrases to inspire us, I chose "Open Doors."

Sunstruck [from Ultraviolet]

The first section of my book "Ultraviolet," which you can find listed under my Featured Activities.

Smear [from Ultraviolet]

The second section of my book "Ultraviolet," which you can find listed under my Featured Activities.

Poem from "5"

Two love poems I wrote in June of 2017 that were part of a book of writing and photos that I created and gave as a gift.

untitled [blurred vans]

Photographs in which I experiment with light and shutter speed by photographing a pair of special edition Vans that were covered in glitter.

Seasonal Sales Associate at LUSH Cosmetics

A typical sales job, I worked with customers, stocked and arranged products, worked at the registers, cleaned, and closed.


Hand-cut collages on hand-cut teeth representing the old psychological theory of 'the four temperaments,' the idea that there are four fundamental personality types. Part of a larger series centered around the symbolism of teeth.

untitled [heads]

A hand-cut and arranged physical collage. The work aims to represent jealousy and both the anger and shame it creates.

untitled [blue coat, red lips]

A hand-cut and arranged physical collage. The work aims to illustrate the way gender lies in our head rather than our physical body, it's in our thoughts and feelings.


Soy-based ink monoprint made from hand-drawn and hand-cut stencils.


A book I wrote, designed, and photographed for my senior year of high school. It explores many of the concepts I am still interested in: Female psyche, 'negative emotions,' chronic mental illness, etc.

Every Red Thing I Own

A collection of photos documenting every red thing I own for the purpose of observing, categorizing, and exploring the meaning of the color red.

untitled [Hands]

Hand cut collage featuring hands all pointing towards the center of the image- a pool of water reflecting trees, surrounded by rocks.

Sappho + Sappha

Hand cut collages in which I aim to show the joy in wlw (women loving women, an LGBTQ+ term) relationships, and how the beauty of such love relates to the beauty of nature. I include the moon as a symbol of the feminine and the maternal nature of the earth and natural world in which queer women love one another.