Sundays are for Mourning

A project from CRWR 213, Writing for New Media, in which we were given the task to tell a story through a Tumblr page by including writing of our own and reblogging other media (audio, visual, etc.) to build the story further. We were given a list of phrases to inspire us, I chose "Open Doors."

Smear [from Ultraviolet]

The second section of my book "Ultraviolet," which you can find listed under my Featured Activities.

Poem from “5”

Two love poems I wrote in June of 2017 that were part of a book of writing and photos that I created and gave as a gift.


A book I wrote, designed, and photographed for my senior year of high school. It explores many of the concepts I am still interested in: Female psyche, 'negative emotions,' chronic mental illness, etc.