Hand-cut collages on hand-cut teeth representing the old psychological theory of 'the four temperaments,' the idea that there are four fundamental personality types. Part of a larger series centered around the symbolism of teeth.

The work here is only two teeth cut-outs, with decorations on both sides.

Teeth as a symbol in my work draws on Jungian dream interpretation: dreams of your teeth falling out reflect fears about aging. In the case of womanhood, aging means becoming invisible in society. Teeth, to me, also represent anger and aggression- two things women aren't supposed to express according to sexist gender roles.

One side depicts a figure mummified in a position that makes them appear to be screaming next to a pair of legs on a red background. The other side depicts a female figure cut into two pieces: her head detached from her body as she whips her hair. The background is of a lightning storm.

Connotations of blood, chaos, irritability, anger.

One side depicts two sad looking figures on a blue-purple background. The other side depicts a face and a hand on top of a photo of someone picking at pinned butterflies.

Connotations of sorrow, feeling stuck/helpless/hopeless.

One side depicts a smiling girl basking in the sun with a background of green grass and yellow fabric. The other side depicts a woman (the artist Solange, a name that means 'angel of the sun') laughing with a background of bees, solar panels, and a strip of text about saving the bees.

Connotations of joy, positivity, and optimism.

One side depicts two girls dressed in white holding hands as the wind blows their hair with cutouts made of photographs of water that form the shape of two arrows, meant to represent air and the serenity of water. The other side depicts a girl basking in the sun with a light blue sky behind her. There are flower shapes as well as a bottle of 'Daisy' perfume which is marketed as a breezy, happy scent.

Connotations of calm, peace, and serenity.

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Learning Significance

  1. Exploration of concepts and how to communicate them visually. Exploration of symbolism. Composition, color choice.