Baby’s Breath

A short silent film created for Film Production 133

Made in collaboration with Yasmeen Gruno, Sasha Honcharova, Tess Gellert, Sierra Louie, Aaron Kinney, and Holly Handford. We are all students at the Univerity of British Columbia in Vancouver.

Yasmeen Gruno: Sound, editing, post-production

Sasha Honcharova: Camera operator, co-director of photography, editing, post-production

Emily Van Ryn: Story, sound, co-director of photography

Tess Gellert: Lighting, editing, post-production

Sierra Louie: Story, set design, props, costume

Holly Handford: Actor

Aaron Kinney: Actor

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Learning Significance

  1. Actually making a film is ultimately the best way to learn about filmmaking. In this film, I got to be apart of essentially every step but post-production and editing. I gained experience working collaboratively on an artistic project, which was new for me as I normally make art as an individual. I got to operate sound equipment and help with lighting as well. I was a co-cinematographer and got to exercise my eye for strange but interesting angles like the one seen in the thumbnail of the video.